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Does Not Compute - The High Cost of Low Technology Skills and What We Can Do About It:


Arts Based Learning of STEM Works Says NSF Funded Research Firm


US News & World Report: College Board Launches STEM Credential Initiative:


The Washington Post: What the Future of Science Education Should Look Like:


San Diego STEM Quality Criteria Rubric

The San Diego K-12 STEM Quality Criteria Self-Assessment Rubric (SDSTEMQC) was created to support the growing number of K-12 STEM schools and programs as they implement integrated STEM learning experiences in all K-12 classrooms. This tool may serve as a framework to facilitate discussion on program quality indicators. Across the Nation, K-12 STEM programs and schools are proliferating in response to education, policy, and business reports supporting expansion and improvements in STEM education.


California STEM Report Card

The California STEM Report Card includes a "Call to Action for California”, a list of top 40 STEM jobs, and statistics regarding student interest in STEM, STEM field diversity (gender & ethnicity), and government R&D spending.     


Science Education and Local Control Policy

This Science Education and Local Control Policy brief  from the California STEM Learning Network ( reviews the Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs) created by school districts during the first year of California’s new system of increased local control over school financing. The brieflooks at how Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education fared in district plans, and especially how districts planned to fulfill the state requirement to implement our new state-adopted science standards — the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).





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