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Back to school, again: La Jolla elementary schools reopen to small groups of students

Local elementary schools welcomed a small number of students back to campus Oct. 13, exactly seven months after they closed their doors to in-person instruction.

Small groups of students are now attending class at public schools in La Jolla for short periods throughout the week, following the San Diego Unified School District’s announcement last month that it would begin the first phase of reopenings.

At Torrey Pines Elementary School, Principal Nona Richard said 12 students were invited to the optional in-person return, with about eight students accepting. Richard hopes to get about 10 students back on campus in this first phase.

The students who arrived the first week are in first to fourth grades, some with IEPs and some who are learning English. “We’ve also had kids who are just not at grade level but don’t necessarily have an IEP,” Richard said.



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