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‘Be more scientific’: Forum experts weigh in on criteria for reopening San Diego Unified schools

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Several local experts discussed COVID-19 prevention, coronavirus testing plans and other considerations for reopening public schools in a webinar attended by several San Diego Unified School District board members, current and future City Council members, and more than 200 parents and other community members.

The “Science-Based School Reopening Forum” on Nov. 19 was moderated by Dawniel Stewart, a La Jolla resident, childbirth educator and community activist, and Lisa Delano-Wood, a Scripps Ranch resident and an associate professor of psychiatry at UC San Diego. The event aimed to “bring some of the greatest minds in infectious disease, public health, virology, pediatrics, clinical psychology and education planning directly to all of us who are concerned educators and parents here in San Diego County,” Delano-Wood said.

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