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SDUSD New Grading Policy

There has been more pushback about a controversial grading policy approved by the San Diego Unified School District to combat racism, this time, though, it's not from parents but from the teachers union that said educators need clarification.

Under the new policy, academic grades will be based on how well students master the subject, not on a yearly average, so students will be allowed to retake tests. Also, students will not be penalized for turning in late assignments; instead, work habits will be given a citizenship grade. The board said it approved the policy to make grading more equitable, given that data has showed that most failing grades go to minority students.

The implementation of this will be a gradual process in order to give our schools time to align site policies and procedures to the updated AR 5121. For this school year, schools are being asked to focus on the following key elements:

  1. Removing nonacademic factors from the academic grade

  2. Providing opportunities for revision and reassessment

Site leaders will collaborate with their department or grade-level teams to remove non-academic factors from the academic grade and also provide opportunities for revision and reassessment.



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